About Marijke Buurlage

Marijke Buurlage (1989) is an illustrator who lives in the north of the Netherlands. She graduated from Minerva Academy Groningen (2009-2013) and has been working as a freelance illustrator ever since. She mostly works on editorial illustrations for magazines, children’s books, book covers, posters, apps and e-books, but she also loves working on self-initiated side-projects. Her work is vibrant, light-hearted, playful and feminine and her two most favorite things to draw are animals and botanicals.

Marijke Buurlage is available for illustration projects in all shapes and sizes. Don't hesitate to contact info@marijkebuurlage.com for questions or a price quote. All questions or remarks are welcome!

Selected Clients

Jumbo Toys and Games (NL) ۰ Clavis Uitgeverij (NL) ۰ Quarto Knows (UK) ۰ Larousse (FR) ۰ Flow Magazine (NL) ۰ Mudpuppy (US) ۰ Moppet Books (US) ۰ VPRO Gids (NL) ۰ Swatch (CH) ۰ WNF (NL) ۰ Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (NL) ۰ Nongfu Spring (CN) ۰ Uitgeverij Ploegsma NL) ۰ Adobe (US) ۰ Quest (NL) ۰ Auzou (FR) ۰ Uitgeverij Moon (NL) ۰ Uitgeverij Snor (NL) ۰ Nextquisite (UK) ۰ Izzy Wheels (IE) ۰ Rebel Girls (US) ۰ Solberg & Hansen (NO) ۰ Cocofloss (US) ۰ HelemaalShea (NL) ۰ Yoto Play (UK) ۰ DOT Magazine (UK) ۰ Songfa Ceramics (CN) ۰ IAPM Mall (CN)



Magazine LETTER / Leeuwarder Courant / Friesch Dagblad
Two editorial illustrations for an article about traveling.

My 'New York City' illustration was published in Errratum magazine.

Jumbo Puzzles & Games / Map of Holland Puzzle
More than 100 illustrations for Jumbo's 'Map of Holland' puzzle.

Jumbo Puzzles & Games / Map of Germany Puzzle
More than 100 illustrations for Jumbo's 'Map of Germany' puzzle.


Happy Yak / Quarto Knows - The Seaside in 100 Words
A picture book for Happy Yak, filled with 100 illustrations for kids to learn new words.

Happy Yak / Quarto Knows - My Garden in 100 Words
A picture book for Happy Yak, filled with 100 illustrations for kids to learn new words.

Uitgeverij Snor - Je Eigen Paradijs
Illustrations for 'Je Eigen Paradijs', a book about how to create biodiversity in your garden.

Clavis Uitgeverij - Piranha van Goud
A picture book about a goldfish who is ready to be himself.

Mural - Sheffield Children's Hospital
A garden inspired mural for Ryegate House, Sheffield's Children's Hospital.


Mudpuppy - Dominoes 'Under the Sea'
Illustrations for a dominoes game published by Mudpuppy (US).

Mudpuppy - Wild Bingo Board Game
Illustrations for a magnetic board game published by Mudpuppy (US).

Happy Yak / Quarto Knows - My Home in 100 Words
A picture book for Happy Yak, filled with 100 illustrations for kids to learn new words.

Larousse Jeunesse - Le Fabuleux Imagier de Marijke Buurlage - Animaux!
Picture book (48 pages) for Larousse (FR).

Happy Yak / Quarto Knows - My Home in 100 Words
Picture book (20 pages) for Happy Yak / Quarto Knows (UK).

Uitgeverij Snor ۰ Chocolate Bar Packaging
Illustrations for two chocolate bar packaging designs publisehd by Uitgeverij Snor.


Mudpuppy - Who's in the Wild - Board Game
Illustrations for a board game published by Mudpuppy (US).

Mudpuppy - Color the Ocean - Bath Stickers
Illustrations for stickable foam bath shapes published by Mudpuppy (US).

Mudpuppy - Lift the Flap 'On Safari' - Puzzle
Illustrations for a lift the flap puzzle published by Mudpuppy (US).

Mudpuppy - Dominoes 'Wildlife' - Kids Game
Illustrations for a dominoes game published by Mudpuppy (US).

Mudpuppy - ABC Ring Flash Cards - Educational Kids Toys
Illustrations for ABC ring flash cards published by Mudpuppy (US).

Mudpuppy - Color the Ocean - Magic Bath Book
Illustrations for a magic bath book published by Mudpuppy (US).

Taalkado / Afûk - Newborn Giftbox
Illustrations for a newborn giftbox including games, toys and garlands.

Auzou - Jeu Du Mini-Bac
Illustrations for a kids card game, published by Auzou (FR).


Uitgeverij Moon - Het Wonderlijke Winterboek
3 illustrations for one of the stories published in 'Het Wonderlijke Winterboek' (the Wonderful Winter Book), published by Uitgeverij Moon (NL).

Afûk - It Grutte Foarlêsboek 2 ۰ November 2019
Art direction and 3 illustrations for the Frisian story book 'It Grutte Foarlêsboek 2' published by Afûk.

Eden Books - Me Myself and I (DE)
A book I originally illustrated for Uitgeverij Snor got translated to German.

Songfa Ceramics - Ceramics set design ۰ July 2019
Design for 2 different sets of ceramics by Songfa Ceramics.

Mudpuppy - Under the Sea Puzzle Sticks
A puzzle that I illustrated for Mudpuppy with under the sea theme. With the puzzle sticks you can make 6 different images.

Mudpuppy - Under the Sea Mini Memory Match
A mini playing cards set that I illustrated for Mudpuppy with under the sea theme.

Tufts University - Magazine Illustration
An illustration for an article about international projects by Tufts University.

Mudpuppy - Llama Drama playing cards
A playing cards set that I illustrated for Mudpuppy with animals theme. The game is called Llama Drama and it comes in a cotton bag, which makes it perfect for traveling.


Yoto Play card illustrations ۰ December 2018
I illustrated 4 story cards for Yoto Play, a clever speaker for children.

Uitgeverij Ploegsma - Heldinnen (cover illustration) ۰ November 2018
A cover illustration that I made for the book 'Heldinnen' ('Heroines'), which is filled with stories about women and girls that made a difference.

Uitgeverij Snor - Me Myself and I (NL) ۰ October 2018
For this book - filled with pyschology and philosophy, all about getting to know yourself better - I got to make about 50 illustrations.

Rijksmuseum van Oudheden - Kunstdetective ۰ July 2018
I illustrated a series for a scavenger hunt called 'Kunstdetective' in the Rijksmuseum of Oudheden in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Mudpuppy - Jumbo Puzzle Illustration ۰ June 2018
An illustration of one of my unpublished picture book artworks was used for a fun jumbo puzzle published by Mudpuppy.

Izzy Wheels - Wheel Chair Design ۰ April 2018
I designed a wheel chair for Izzy Wheels for the spring/summer collection of 2018. Shop my wheel design and/or read more about this Izzy Wheels on www.izzywheels.com.

KinderGuides - Romeo and Juliet ۰ April 2018
A 47 pages long children's picture book that I illustrated for Moppet Books's KinderGuides series. These 'KinderGuides' are easy learning guides that introduce iconic works of classic literature to young readers.

Uitgeverij Snor - Snor Pocketboek 'Surf' ۰ March 2018
A pocket book for Uitgeverij Snor about 'surfing' that I got to do the illustrations for.

IAPM Calendar 2018 ۰ January 2018
I illustrated a Chinese New Year calendar for the IAPM mall in Shanghai.


Brand Magazine, Issue #34 ۰ December 2017
My 'Pairs' game was featured in the wonderful Brand Magazine, an international design magazine.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2 ۰ November 2017
I created an illustration for the wonderful best-seller book 'Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2'.

The Monster Project 2017 ۰ October 2017
This is the third year that I participated in the Monster Project. And this year a 'Monster Project Art Book' was published with my work in it as well!

Nongfu Spring - Tea Pi packaging design ۰ July 2017
A packaging I illustrated for Nongfu Spring's Tea Pi iced tea bottles (lychee & rose flavor).

Flow Magazine - Working Nine to Three ۰ July 2017
An illustration about working less hours for Flow Magazine NL #5, 2017.

Flow Magazine - A Day in the Life of ۰ June 2017
An illustration about a typical day in my life as an illustrator for Flow Magazine NL #4, 2017.

Flow Magazine - Grace ۰ February 2017
An illustration that I made for an article about 'grace' in Flow Magazine NL #2, 2017. Also published in the France and English version.


DPI Magazine - Art Quarter vol. 14 - Taste it! Food Branding & Packaging Made Success by Illustrations ۰ December 2016
My Chochochou chocolate bar packaging illustrations are featured in this amazing magazine filled with great packaging design.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls ۰ December 2016
I created an illustration for the wonderful best-seller book 'Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls'.

Society6 Art Quarterly ۰ November 2016
Some of my work was published in the Art Quarterly #1.4 by Society6.

Christmas Campaign Solberg & Hansen ۰ November 2016
An amazing packaging illustration project for Solberg & Hansen's Christmas campaign.

Make-up Pouch Cocofloss ۰ September 2016
Another fun assignment: creating an illustration for a make-up pouch by flossing brand Cocofloss.

Quest Psychology (NL) ۰ July 2016
An illustration for an article in Quest Psychology (NL) about why traveling far increases your social status.

Cover for Regatas Magazine ۰ July 2016
A cover illustration for the Peruvian sports magazine Regatas, all about the Olympics in Rio 2016.

Postcard for Uitgeverij Snor ۰ June 2016
A postcard I illustrated for Uitgeverij Snor.

Travel Illustrations for the Pacific Alliance ۰ May 2016
An illustrated series created for a travel magazine called 'Four Nations, an infinite experience' by the Pacific Alliance, designed by Milk Estudio.

Swatch Social Media Campaign ۰ May 2016
An illustrated series for a social media campaign by Swatch, to promote the new Swatch POP watches.

VPRO Magazine ('VPRO Gids') Cover ۰ May 2016
An illustration for the cover of VPRO Magazine's weekend special, that came along with 'de Volkskrant' newspaper.

Choco Chou Chocolate Bars ۰ April 2016
I illustrated a series of chocolate bars for Choco Chou.

Errratum ۰ April 2016
One of my Cambodia illustrations ('Water Village') got published in the French paper Errratum.

Aviary by Adobe ۰ February 2016
Illustrations for a sticker pack and overlay pack for the photo editor app 'Aviary' by Adobe.

WNF Lifeguard Posterzine ۰ February 2016
A poster design for the WNF Lifeguard Posterzine of Februari 2016.

VPRO Magazine ('VPRO Gids') - Correspondents Dinner NL ۰ February 2016
An illustration for VPRO Magazine about the Dutch Correspondents Dinner in 2016.

Flow Magazine - Early Morning ۰ January 2016
Two illustrations about the joy of the early morning for Flow Magazine NL #1, 2016.


Travesías Magazine - Cambodia ۰ December 2015
An illustrated series of five pieces about Cambodia, for the Mexican travel magazine 'Travesías'.

DOT Magazine - Rock'N'Sock ۰ December 2015
I illustrated a page for the poem 'Rock'N'Sock' in DOT Magazine; a quarterly print magazine by Anorak Magazine, aimed at boys & girls aged 5 and under.

CasaFacile - Coloring page ۰ November 2015
I illustrated a page for a coloring book project of CasaFacile: an Italian home decor magazine. The theme was 'home'.

VPRO Magazine ('VPRO Gids') - Fossiel is passé ۰ November 2015
An illustration for VPRO Magazine about divestment in the fossil fuel sector.

VPRO Magazine ('VPRO Gids') - Geen gebakken lucht ۰ November 2015
An illustration for VPRO Magazine about CO2 emission.

Storytime Magazine - Christmas Story Special ۰ November 2015
Illustrated three full-page spreads for the Christmas Story Special of Storytime Magazine for the poem 'Twelve Days of Christmas'.

Uppercase Magazine - Issue #27 ۰ October 2015
Featured in Uppercase Magazine as one of the 30 'New Illustration Talents'.

NeverLazy Magazine - Issue #19 ۰ September 2015
Featured in NeverLazy Magazine including portfolio material and an interview (5 spreads).

SOFFA Magazine - Issue #10 ۰ August 2015
My 'Underwater World' illustration was published in SOFFA Magazine in their 10th issue, that focused on eternal youth.

It Grutte Foarlêsboek app (Afûk) ۰ August 2015
I provided all the illustrations for the story and game 'It Toverboek' in the 'It Grutte Foarlêsboek' app. This is a Frisian app focusing on educating kids about the Frisian language.

CasaFacile ۰ July 2015
My artwork for the Natural Recall project got featured in the Italian magazine CasaFacile.

Uncovered Classics ۰ June 2015
I designed a book cover for Uncovered Classics: a project that promotes female writers of the 20th Century.

Natural Recall Book ۰ January 2015
My work got published in the Natural Recall artbook, along with 39 other selected artworks.


Sir Magazine ۰ 2014
I illustrated my studio for Sir Magazine's 'workspace' rubric.

Brochure 'Talen Kleuren Je Leven (Afûk) ۰ 2014
Illustrations for the Frisian brochure 'Talen Kleuren Je leven' about raising your kids multilingual. In collaboration with Buro Klei and published by Afûk.

Photoshop Magazine #26 ۰ 2014
Photoshop Magazine wrote an article about me and my work.

Boekie Boekie #94 ۰ 2014
I was nominated for the Boekie Boekie stArt Award, and I ended up in the final ten. Therefore one of my illustrations was published in Boekie Boekie Magazine and in the Boekie Boekie 2014/2015 agenda.

Caren Magazine ۰ 2014
I provided the illustrations for the monthly articles in Caren Magazine: an online magazine about health care.


It Grutte Foarlêsboek (Afûk) ۰ 2013
I've illustrated three stories for 'It Grutte Foarlêsboek': a reading book for young Frisian children, published by Afûk.